Dstv :: API


User Validation:

A customer must be validated before processing subscription. This will return the account status and associated information such as the customer’s name, customer's number, invoice period and due date. Request can be made using the smart card number.

Command: https://mobilenig.com/API/bills/user_check?username=****&api_key=****&service=****&number=****
//where username: Use your MobileNig Username, api_key: Your api_key, service: DSTV, number: Decoder or Smart Number.

You can use this smart number 4131953321 for testing on DSTV
DSTV JSON return format:
{"details":{"accountStatus":"OPEN","firstName":"ESU","lastName":"INI OBONG BASSEY","customerType":"SUD","invoicePeriod":1,"dueDate":"2018-11-13T00:00:00+01:00","customerNumber":275953782}}


Parameter_Name Type Description
username String Your MobileNig username
api_key String The api_key generated on MobileNig
smartno Number The decoder smart card number e.g 4131953321
product_code String The product code of the selected plan, see plans here
customer_name String Customer name gotten from user validation
customer_number Number Customer number gotten from user validation
price Number The price of the selected plan
trans_id Number Unique transaction id e.g 12823327903


//Replace **** with your username, api_key...

For Api test use https://mobilenig.com/API/bills/dstv_test?username=****&api_key=****&smartno=4131953321&product_code=MOBMAXI&customer_name=E INI OBONG BASSE&customer_number=275953782&price=790&trans_id=12823327903
Api Example: https://mobilenig.com/API/bills/dstv?username=PAUL&api_key=64125agshaii168sdhd4b6bdb5&smartno=4131953321&product_code=MOBMAXI&customer_name=E INI OBONG BASSE&customer_number=275953782&price=790&trans_id=12823327903
//where username is PAUL and api_key is 64125agshaii168sdhd4b6bdb5, smartno is 4131953321, product_code is MOBMAXI, customer_name is E INI OBONG BASS, customer_number is 275953782, price is 790 and trans_id is 12823327903.

If successful: A response will be desplayed in JSON format e.g {"trans_id":"122790223","details":{"service":"DSTV","package":"DStv Mobile MAXI","smartno":"4131953321","price":"790","status":"SUCCESSFUL","balance":"7931"}}
Else, one of the responses below will be displayed in this format {"code": "ERR101", "description": "Invalid username or api_key"}


Code Description
ERR101 Invalid username or api_key
ERR102 Api service is currently unavailable
ERR103 Requested service is currently unavailable
ERR104 User Suspended
ERR105 Transaction id already exist, kindly generate a unique id
ERR106 Insufficient Balance
ERR107 Transaction Unsuccessful
ERR202 Incomplete Parameters
ERR206 Duplicate transaction, same order details had been made few minutes ago
ERR208 Product code does not tally with price


//Replace **** with your username, api_key...
Api Example: https://mobilenig.com/API/query?username=PAUL&api_key=64125agshaii168sdhd4b6bdb5trans_id=12823327903
//where username is PAUL and api_key is 64125agshaii168sdhd4b6bdb5, trans_id is 12823327903.

If successful: A response will be desplayed in JSON format e.g {"trans_id":"128327903","details":{"service":"DSTV","package":"DStv Mobile MAXI","smartno":"4131953321","price":"786","status":"SUCCESSFUL"}}
Else, response will be displayed in this format {"code": "ERR204", "description": "Could't find transaction on MobileNig"}


Package Product Code Price
DStv FTA Plus FTAE36 1600
DStv Access ACSSE36 2000
DStv Family COFAME36 4000
Asian Bouqet ASIAE36 5400
DStv Compact COMPE36 6800
DStv Compact Plus COMPLE36 10650
DStv Premium PRWE36 15800
DStv Premium Asia + HDPVR/XtraView DPRHD 19900
DStv Premium + HDPVR/XtraView DPRHDP 18000
DStv Premium + French Touch + HDPVR/XtraView DPRFRH 19470
DStv Premium + French Touch DPRFR 17270
DStv Family + HDPVR/XtraView DCOHD 6200
DStv Family + Asia Add-on DCOAS 9400
DStv Compact + HDPVR/XtraView DCOHDP 9000
DStv Compact + French Touch DCOFR 8270
DStv Compact Plus + HDPVR/XtraView DCOHDPV 12850
DStv Compact Plus + Asian Add-on DCOMAS 16050
DStv Compact Plus + French Touch + HDPVR/XtraView DCOFRHD 14320
Asian Bouqet + HDPVR/XtraView" DASHD 7600
Asian Add-on ASIADDE36 5400