Smile Data Bundle :: API

Smile Data Bundle

User Validation:

A customer must be validated before processing subscription. This will return the customer’s name. Request can be made using the smart card number.

//where username: Use your MobileNig Username, api_key: Your api_key, service: SMILE_DATA, number: Decoder or Smart Number.

You can use this smart number 1402000567 for testing on SMILE_DATA
SMILE_DATA JSON return format:


Parameter_Name Type Description
username String Your MobileNig username
api_key String The api_key generated on MobileNig
smartno Number Your 10 digits smile device account number e.g 1402000567
product_code String The product code of the selected plan, see plans here
price Number The price of the selected plan
trans_id Number Unique transaction id e.g 128233240003

//Replace **** with your username, api_key...

For Api test use****&api_key=****&smartno=1402000567&product_code=APV150&price=4000&trans_id=128233240003
Api Example:
//where username is PAUL and api_key is 64125agshaii168sdhd4b6bdb5, smartno is 1402000567, product_code is APV150, price is 4000 and trans_id is 128233240003.

If successful: A response will be desplayed in JSON format e.g {"trans_id":"1224000223","details":{"service":"SMILE_DATA","package":"5GB Anytime plan - 7days Validity","smartno":"1402000567","price":"4000","status":"SUCCESSFUL","balance":"7931"}}
Else, one of the responses below will be displayed in this format {"code": "ERR101", "description": "Invalid username or api_key"}


Code Description
ERR101 Invalid username or api_key
ERR102 Api service is currently unavailable
ERR103 Requested service is currently unavailable
ERR104 User Suspended
ERR105 Transaction id already exist, kindly generate a unique id
ERR106 Insufficient Balance
ERR107 Transaction Unsuccessful
ERR202 Incomplete Parameters
ERR206 Duplicate transaction, same order details had been made few minutes ago
ERR208 Product code does not tally with price

//Replace **** with your username, api_key...
Api Example:
//where username is PAUL and api_key is 64125agshaii168sdhd4b6bdb5, trans_id is 128233240003.

If successful: A response will be desplayed in JSON format e.g {"trans_id":"1283240003","details":{"service":"SMILE_DATA","package":"5GB Anytime plan - 7days Validity","smartno":"1402000567","price":"4000","status":"SUCCESSFUL"}}
Else, response will be displayed in this format {"code": "ERR204", "description": "Could't find transaction on MobileNig"}


Package Product Code Price
FlexiDaily plan - Diverse Validity FPDV356 500
FlexiWeekly plan - Diverse Validity FPDV357 1200
SmileVoice ONLY 75 - 30days Validity SOV495 500
SmileVoice ONLY 500 - 30days Validity SOV497 3000
SmileVoice ONLY 165 - 30days Validity SOV496 1000
1GB SmileLite plan - 30days Validity SPV220 1000
2GB SmileLite plan - 30days Validity SPV280 2000
2GB MidNite Plan - 7days Validity MPV413 1000
3GB MidNite Plan - 7days Validity MPV414 1500
3GB Weekend Only Plan - 3days Validity WOPV415 1500
3GB Anytime plan - 7days Validity APV102 3000
5GB Anytime plan - 7days Validity APV150 4000
7GB Anytime plan - 7days Validity APV274 5000
10GB 30 Days Anytime plan - 7days Validity DAPV404 7500
Unlimited Lite Plan - 30days Validity ULPV476 10000
Unlimited Premium Plan - 30days Validity UPPV475 19800
30GB BumpaValue plan - Diverse Validity BPDV358 15000
60GB BumpaValue plan - Diverse Validity BPDV359 30000
80GB BumpaValue plan - Diverse Validity BPDV360 50000
10GB Anytime plan - 365days Validity APV103 9000
15GB Anytime plan - 365days Validity APV273 10000
20GB Anytime plan - 365days Validity APV104 17000
50GB Anytime plan - 365days Validity APV105 36000
100GB Anytime plan - 365days Validity APV128 70000
200GB Anytime plan - 365days Validity APV129 135000